International Training Solutions

ISA delivers tailor made international training solutions in sales, service, communication and management to organizations that recognize the need for improvement and change. We strongly believe that all training activities have to be delivered in the native language and with the local flavor, to ensure maximum impact. That is why ISA works all over Europe with a number of highly qualified native-speaker trainers. This unique trainer network means that we can deliver training activities in all European countries according to your company standards and that we can customize those standards to the local situation.

Our Vision

Everyone has untapped abilities. Our mission is to use training and coaching to get the best from our client’s employees and managers and to clearly improve their performances. We do this via a clear vision and a practical and result-oriented approach. ISA uses this approach to improve the success and continuity of its clients.

Customised training

Every organisation is different. That is why customised plans place great emphasis on the vision, objectives, strategy, activities and culture of an organisation. Customised training is completely organisation-specific.
ISA Training & Coaching does this by working with its own ISA model, which has a proven track record in practice. The ISA model consists of 9 steps:

1. Organisation objective
2. Plan of Approach
3. Field Experience
4. Management involvement
5. Zero-measurement
6. Customisation of process
7. Training schedule (including practice periods)
8. Performance evaluation
9. Result evaluation

By implementing this model, we are able to create boundary conditions from the start of the process, which ensures embedding and lasting results. Thus, embedding does not take place after the training, but before it!

Please do not hesitate to contact our trainers/consultants, who will be pleased to discuss our unique approach with you! Please send an e-mail to